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Requirements of Potential Candidates:


This document will lay out the requirements from Elections Saskatchewan and Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan. All forms that are required by Elections Saskatchewan are linked within this webpage for easy access. Please ensure all forms are complete and accurate.


Elections Saskatchewan requires Form E-401, E-403, and E-405:


Form E-401 Requirements (Business Manager Form):

The Business Manager;

  1. cannot reside with the Applicant
  2. cannot be related to the Applicant
  3. cannot work with the Applicant
  4. must complete an expense and revenue form to be audited, post-election

Download/Print form here: E-401.pdf


Form E-403 Requirements (Auditor Form):

To receive information on the Auditor for Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan, email us at:

Download/Print form here: E-403.pdf


Form E-405 (Nomination Paper):

The Applicant must;

  1. collect four (4) signatures within the constituency the applicant is running
  2. have a Notary present to witness your signatures, and theirs
  3. pay a fee of $100.00. Must be money order or cheque. Cannot be cash - Make payable to: Saskatchewan Minister of Finance

Download/Print form here: E-405.pdf


Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan requires the Applicant to;

  1. hold a valid membership within Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan
  2. sell a minimum of four (4) memberships (not including the applicant’s membership) – please list the names of the memberships sold in your return mail
  3. provide Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan with a bio
  4. provide a criminal record check within fourteen (14) days of the application
  5. provide a professional head shot (shoulders and up on a white background, i.e. passport photo) for Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan to list on the website


Completed applications must be mailed to (do not email):

Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan

Box 217 - #116-2723 Faithfull Ave.

Saskatoon, SK S7K 7C3


For more information, view Elections Saskatchewan Candidate Guide: Candidate Guide 2020

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