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RELEASE: Change of leadership to Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan

July 23, 2020

The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan, formerly known as Wexit Saskatchewan, has a new face at the helm.

Jake Wall, founding member and one of the true catalysts of the WEXIT Movement, has stepped down as interim leader of Saskatchewan’s newest political party.

The party’s executive board has appointed Wade Sira as the new interim leader going forward. Wade brings a wealth of experience in the political arena to the table.

Born in Saskatoon, Wade has spent his life in the city and surrounding areas. He is a family man, community leader and participates in church activities, service clubs and has coached, refereed and umpired sports in the area.

In 2016, Wade was elected as a municipal council Reeve and soon was also appointed a representative with Saskatchewan Advisory of Municipal Assessment (SAMA). He has also been involved at the grass roots level with political organizations.

Wade Sira believes in putting Saskatchewan interests first, not just on a provincial basis but nationally as well. He believes that the current system is geared to the benefit of the elite, and feels that trust is a very important component of successful political representatives.

Wade Sira’s goal is to represent the people within this province and this province nationally, and looks forward to representing this province and its people.

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