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RELEASE: Wexit Saskatchewan members vote in favour to change party name

On June 28th, the polls opened for Wexit Saskatchewan members to decide if the newly formed party should keep its registered name of Wexit Saskatchewan, or change to Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan.

Poll results were made public for Wexit Saskatchewan's membership to view after their vote was cast. Communications Manager Eric Wall stated, "We all watched Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan take the lead right from the beginning. I think its safe to say now that the party made the right decision opening this up to its membership."

End results: 74% of the membership voted. 61.1% of membership voted in favor of changing to Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan. 38.9% of the membership voted in favor of remaining as Wexit Saskatchewan.

Over the next week, the party's membership and the public will see the transition to the party's newly-elected name.

Media inquiries, please text/call: (306)992-2798

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