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The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan’s plan on maneuvering through Covid-19

A plan to instill public confidence, and put trust back in government.


As we navigate the Christmas season, a time that traditionally brings hope, and the opportunity for loved ones to gather and celebrate, we once again face further government restrictions. We are at a point where citizens of Saskatchewan are left with far more questions than answers. 

We deserve to see the pandemic plan the Saskatchewan Party government is using to guide the province moving forward. We deserve to see how implementing the steps from that plan are being utilized, and their effectiveness.  We need to know who authored the plan and who is steering the ship. As of December 15, 2020 we have none of these answers.

The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan’s approach is to minimize the impact of the illness on the province as a whole, not the case count. We must:

  1. Control the spread and reduce illness and death by providing access to appropriate prevention measures, care, and treatment.
  2. Mitigate social disruption by continuity and recovery of critical services.
  3. Minimize adverse economic impacts.
  4. Support an efficient and effective recovery.

The operational planning process response needs to be led by government and emergency planners, not the medical health officers. Doctors should be part of the emergency planning process, however, not the facilitators of the plan.

Step 1. Re-classify the response of Covid-19 from a public health emergency to a public emergency. This would allow the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency to assume control. Immediately stop instilling fear in society, and instead introduce hope and confidence; by ending public case count and broadcasting.

Step 2. Increase doctors at field hospitals and dedicated ICU spaces. Move all Covid-19 cases to field hospitals to free up the current health care system to continue with treatments, diagnosis, surgeries, and general care.

Step 3. Protect the elderly and compromised with a strategic health plan. Rotate healthcare providers in those areas. As per the Health Canada graph below, the numbers show that the elderly are most vulnerable and need to be treated as such. While persons under the age of 60 should be cautious, their lives should be able to continue with minimal impact. This age group will likely get the virus, but using the scientific data provided by Health Canada, they have a higher than 99% survival rate.

Step 4. Open the economy again. Schools and public facilities at normal capacities with no restrictive measures. Bring proper hygiene techniques back to education by using confidence instead of fear.

Step 5. Provide an informative, constructive campaign on the importance of mental health, physical health, nutrition, quality sleep and the roles they play in keeping our province healthy. As has been relayed over the past year, those with a preexisting health condition including diabetes, obesity and kidney, lung or cardiovascular disease are more susceptible to severe Covid-19 infections. The daily fear mongering has to cease immediately and more positive focus on our health and well-being must replace the current practice. The government must be a leader to the people in providing confidence and optimism. Something that is clearly non-existent at this time.


Wade Sira

Party Leader

Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan



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